FaceBook Timeline…Boo…Hiss…

Change has always been hard for me.  As a child I really struggled with it.  Since my birthday is in January I always wanted a sledding or ice skating party but the January thaw always happened the week of my birthday.  Without fail I was disappointed every year.  Then I would moan and carry on about why the weather wouldn’t cooperate and my poor parents would do the best they could to console me and and make alternate suggestions saying we have no control over the weather.   In my child mind I so wanted my parents to fix the weather for me.

As I grew up and matured I learned to deal with change but I still didn’t always like it.  Well…now I am being faced with a HUGE change that I am seriously struggling with and that is the new FaceBook Timeline!!   Some of my FaceBook “friends” have Timeline already and I will not go on their pages because it appears to be complete chaos.  FaceBook has made small changes periodically since its inception, which I didn’t like but did adjust to.  But this new change is radical and I HATE it!  Why can’t the powers to be at FaceBook just leave well enough alone.  It was working real well the way it was.  Apparently the time is close when everyone will be automatically switched to Timeline, or so rumor has it, and like I said change is part of life but some changes aren’t good and this is one of them.  

I know I am not alone in feeling this way.  So all of you out in blogland I would love to hear what you think about the FaceBook Timeline.


Remember and Trust

I recently read in a magazine about a well known author who chooses a word each year to focus on and live by.  I like that.  I love words.  I like to read them and write them and I love to learn new words.  That same magazine also had an article by a psychologist/author who has found that waxing nostalgic uplifts, strenthens and encourages.  Both of these articles really encouraged and inspired me to choose a word to focus on for myself this year.  My word for this year is  TRUST chosen due to recent events in my life.

When my 23 year old son was home for Christmas from graduate school he borrowed our Ford Taurus to go to a pro basketball game and then broke down on his way home two hours away.  It was midnight and our only option for his safety was to have the car towed home to the tune of $400.00.  Money was tight and I felt so overwhelmed with it all  that I cryed out to God .  In the next still moment I heard God say “trust me” and  I felt an incredible peace flow through me.

Our car woes actually began in early December when my 26 year old son, who is also our mechanic, advised us to trade in our ailing mini van while we could and get a smaller fuel efficient car for my husband to commute in.  We were torn because we knew it wasn’t worth patching the van together any more but we also didn’t feel that we were ready fiancially to buy a car for at least another year.  But we began looking and surprisingly found an affordable Honda Civic and secured a car payment which stretched us a bit more leaving no wiggle room.  This is when the incident with the Ford Taurus happened.  So after the $400.00 tow there was a large repair bill to rebuild the transmission, get 4 new tires, and now a balance on a credit card.  This all happened as we were thinking we were finally starting to catch up  and get close to paying off debt and now we are deeper in debt.  It isn’t fair!  But then that still, quiet voice – Trust Me.  Again I felt the peace wash over me.

 I remembered just a few weeks prior when my four sons were all home together for Christmas and I realized how rich I am.  Not monetarily but in blessings.  I have a 4 healthy, successful grown sons who enjoy each other, a loving husband, and lots of friends and most importantly a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

As I look back I see how God has provided so abundantly for us through all the good times and hard times.  His mercies are new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23).

I am encouraged by looking back and I will TRUST in Him who is faithful for my future.