The Dog ate how much??!!

Do you ever wonder what your pets are doing when they are home alone?  I came home from work last night and nearly tripped over my dog, McNabb, and cat, Cory.  I  thought it odd because they usually take at least a minute before they greet me.  I turned on the light, walked toward the refrigerator to get Cory’s food (that was stored in a Tupperware container on top of the refrigerator) as he was meowing for food.  I look up…no food… I look down, “WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO!!”  The container was on the floor open with cat food strewn all over.  McNabb immediately went under the kitchen table with his tail between his legs.  Cory looked at me and then the dog as if to say, “He did it”.  At which point Cory rubbed against my legs and meowed like he wanted to get fed. “Oh, no you aren’t getting any more food.  You already fed yourselves.”    I scooped up the remainder of the cat food and put it back in the container.  Less than half left meaning they ate about 2 lbs of food.  Most likely McNabb ate the majority as he had no interest in food until this morning.  He did drink about 3 bowls of water that evening and left 3 huge piles of poop in the yard between last night and this morning.  Now where do I store the food?  Cory can open cabinets, the refrigerator won’t work anymore.  AH!  The stairway to the basement has a shelf and so far Cory hasn’t been able to open that door. 

 So if I had a camera in the kitchen I think this is what I would have seen.  Cory says to McNabb, “You hungry?, Watch this”  He jumps on the dishwasher and then leaps up on top of the refrigerator.  Sniffs the container and begins to push with paw and nose.  McNabb is encouraging from below.  The container crashes to the floor and McNabb cashes in. 

The two of them play together and create mischief regularly but this was their best yet.  I did laugh after it was over but also was annoyed because cat food ain’t cheap and I had to buy another bag when I went shopping today.  Gotta love those pets.

Anyone else have crazy pet stories to tell?  Would love to hear them.