What do YOU do with a Curve Ball?

Oh, when life sends you a curve ball!  Just when my fourth of July weekend was all planned out…every detail in place…boom!  Here comes the curve ball.

I guess I got this from my parents but I have always been a planner.  Would get thrown for a loop when something changed my carefully laid plans or a last minute opportunity arose that hadn’t been planned.  As I’ve grown older and hopefully more wiser that latter one has been actually fun to deal with.  Fun when fun is involved that is.

This weekend the curve ball was an emergency appendectomy.  Surely not planned and certainly not fun.  I was supposed go out for a long training walk with my half marathon partner and then to a graduation party but instead was in the emergency room with a diagnosis of acute appendicitis and off to the operating room.

While in my hospital room post surgery I was handed literature about appendicitis and read that the average ages to get it are from 10-30.  I guess I’m special.  I got to wait and get it at age 59. My surgeon told me that mine was the 4th appendectomy he had done in the last week for someone in their 50’s.

So when thrown a curve ball my first reaction has always been to try to throw it back, which doesn’t work and causes much angst.  But this time probably because I am older and wiser 🙂  I flowed with the curve, ended up in a different but better place than planned.  Healthy and whole (oops minus an appendix).