Day 20 Everyday Inspiration Wrap up

I really enjoyed Everyday Inspiration.  I had been in a dry spell with my writing and it got me going again.  There were so many options available each day and I started off with a post a day.  My creative juices were flowing again and it was fun.    I love the interaction with the other bloggers and love reading what others wrote on the same subject as I did.

But what I didn’t like was that I had some busy days and went away for the weekend of July 4th and missed 8 of the topics.  I purposely skipped 2 of them because I just couldn’t get inspired by either.  Maybe if I had more time I could have come up with something but with one coming each day I had more to do so never went back to them.

My favorite part of Everyday Inspiration was collaborating with Michelleintel on day 19.  I am so glad that she reached out to me.  It was fun and I would highly recommend this to others.

I look forward to other opportunities like this.  For Everyday Inspiration or Blogging U courses.    With each one I learn more about myself as a writer and learn more about blogging in general.  I always need help making my blog look good so look forward to more helps with that.  Thank you WordPress!


Finding Time to Write…a collaboration

I was contacted by Michelleintel about collaborating on a post.  We both struggle with finding time to write and decided to respond to a prompt from the Daily Post.  The prompt was to answer the following question: If you could step into a machine that gave you more time, how would you structure your day?

time machine

What I pictured from this prompt was having this special time machine in my home that I could step into when I need more time.  It would be the same world but extra hours would be added to the day.  Our thoughts were very similar but our answers were delivered differently.

Enjoy the response from Michelleintel;

I would sleep until I awakened, naturally.  (8 hours)

Arise, and hang out in my bed clothes while sipping coffee and catching up on the day’s news, or reading. (1 hour)

Spiritual time or church (1 hour)

Walk the dog. (30 minutes)

Go to the gym. (1 hour)

Sit on the patio to cool off with a refreshing drink, have breakfast, while petting the cat

(1 hour ) 

Shower and into comfy lounging clothes.  (30 minutes)

Write (2 hours)

Household task of the day: wash clothes, pick up, sweep, clean after pets, etc.  (1 hour)

Watch a movie while having lunch.  (2 hours)  

Household Tasks.  (30 minutes)

Get ready for work. (30 minutes)

Work  (4 hours)

2nd lunch (1 hour)

Work (4 hours)

Charitable work/volunteer  2 hours

Dinner 1 hour

Pick up, clean dishes (30 minutes)

Walk the dog (30 minutes)

Rehearse music (2 hours)

Shower and into comfy clothes (30 minutes)

Popcorn/snack and a movie, or a book.  (2 hours)

Prepare for the next day  ( 30 min)

I tend to overthink things so I have learned to just go with what is in my heart.  Here is my response:

If I could step into a machine that would give me extra time to write I would go for a run first thing in the morning.  Running alone with my thoughts is when I discover most of my inspiration for writing. Then I would return home and write for a couple of hours on the book I started writing a couple of years ago. The extra morning time would be before my job starts so that when my 2 hours of writing were done it would be time to go to work at my job.   Then after work there would be another block of time so that I could keep up with my blog writing about my life and faith and what I have learned to share with others. To the outside world I would be a prolific writer in addition to working a full time job and managing my volunteer activities and family.  In reality it would be this amazing machine giving me extra time.

What I learned from this collaboration is that both of our writing styles are good but combined they would be great!  I could add more detail while writing from the heart   I work best with a deadline so if I schedule an hour a couple of days a week into my calendar to write then I would perhaps be a more regular blogger and maybe even finish the book I started writing.  Stay tuned to find out.

A Taste of God’s Creation


sb10067980c-001I love running in the early morning.  The world is so fresh and quiet and I can see God all around me in His creation.  The sun is just beginning it’s ascent to warm the earth and mist is hanging low over the mountains soon to be burned off by the sun.  I breathe in the fresh air and marvel at how God brought this all into being.  He created trees to give off the oxygen needed for living beings to breathe.  We in turn breathe out carbon dioxide needed by trees to live.  How cool is that!  That gets me thinking about how everything God created has a purpose.  Nothing is by chance.  It is all by His design and plan. ( Genesis 1-2)

I have to say I find it hard to say that mosquitos have a purpose, other than biting me (I am scratching a bite right now that I got while out running) and causing disease, but they do.  They serve in an important place on the lower rungs of the food chain.  In their larvae stage they are aquatic and strain unicellular algae from the water and convert them to their own body which then are eaten by fish and other aquatic animals. Ok I get that part but the adult skeeters; they bite! Yes but they are also food for bats, birds and spiders. (and we are food for mosquitos). Without them our ecosystem would be adversely affected.  And so it goes for everything up the food chain.  All part of His design and plan.

deer & fawn

This morning I was out running early with my running group.  I spotted 2 adult deer with 2 fawns standing stock still in a yard.  At first they looked like statues but then as we got closer they bolted across the road, through another yard and behind a house.  We continued our run on the road taking a right turn then a left when suddenly the same deer bolted out from the woods on our left directly in front of us.  They looked at us as if to say, “I thought we lost them”, then they ran across the road into the woods on the right.

Like I said at the beginning I love the morning runs in God’s creation.

This post is a compilation of 2 drafts that haven’t been previously published.  For #everydayinspiration Day 13 I chose to put these two drafts together as one post as they are a similar topic.




I have a love-hate relationship with coffee.  Let me explain…

The hate part began in college many moons ago.  I was always a procrastinator when it came to studying for tests or writing papers.  I would stay up all night with a pot of coffee,  drink all of it and then by morning my stomach was sour.  Lesson learned after doing that so many times was that coffee was destructive to my stomach and staying up all night to study was not the greatest idea.  So after graduation I found tea more soothing  and gave up the coffee and am a little better at planning.

Most recently I have discovered some really cozy coffee shops and love the atmosphere.  I have found that there is a comradery among coffee drinkers as there is among runners or any other social group.  In those coffee shops I have discovered some really  great coffee.  I enjoy meeting friends for coffee occasionally because of the cute coffee shop with great coffee.  I do drink decaf (other wise I don’t sleep) and I put sugar and soy or almond milk in it.   Now my  husband would tell you I am not a real coffee drinker because of that. He says real coffee drinkers drink it black.  Makes sense since that means they actually like the taste of coffee.  I don’t care that I am not a “real coffee drinker”.  I am a “real tea drinker” who happens to like the taste of coffee without caffeine and with sugar and milk.

I have always liked coffee ice cream which goes along the same taste lines as hot coffee with sugar and milk.  But my new coffee love discovered this summer is iced decaf coffee with a little sugar and soy or almond milk.  Kind of like liquid coffee ice cream.  I discovered this iced coffee at at little coffee shop when I was at the beach this past weekend.  I am so hoping that I can find iced coffee that good in my town.

So I love coffee…I hate coffee…just depends on the atmosphere and preparation.


The Beach…One of my favorite places

surf RI

One of my favorite sounds…Ocean waves crashing on the shore.  It can lull me to sleep.
One of my favorite smells… The salty air.  It brings me back to my childhood growing up at
the beach
One of my favorite feels…Digging my feet into the warm sand.  A comforting feel.

Sitting on this beach in my beach chair with my feet buried in the sand, sunglasses and hat on I watch.  Children squealing as they run from waves.  A Dad and his kids creating a sand sculpture.  A young man trying to navigate a kayak through the waves only to be pushed back to shore to empty the kayak of water.  He did it over and over again until finally giving up.  Kids riding the waves on Boogie Boards, others skimming across the receding waves on a skimmer.  An impromptu volleyball game without a net creating gales of laughter from the participants.

Watching the various sizes and shapes of people walking the beach some hand in hand, others splashing their friends.  Seagulls circling overhead as a child eats his sandwich, other bolder gulls walking on the sand close by.  Which one will score the sandwich.

The whistle of the lifeguard to warn a swimmer who went beyond the orange buoy.  Conversation all around me muffled by the wind.

But my observation soon turns inward as I tune out what is around me and remember past beach trips.  This same beach used to have huge dunes to travel over from the parking lot with black sand on the beach just below them.  We would have to run fast over the black hot sand to get to the tan sand.  After swimming if we were cold we would roll in the black sand to get warm.   Now the smaller dunes have signs saying don’t walk on the dune grass as they are rebuilding the dunes.  The black sand is mostly gone just a little remnant left .  On the other side of the dunes and the parking lot is a salt pond that used to have swans in it.  As kids we would save the crusts from our sandwiches and feed the swans.    I remember endless days at this beach with my family and cousins having fun and building memories.

Now back to my current observation…
My favorite time of day at the beach…late afternoon.  The lifeguards are gone, people are packing up and leaving, the sun is warm in contrast to blazing hot earlier.  I just sit back and listen to the crashing surf, smell the salty air tinged with sunscreen and dig my feet in the sand.


It is what it is

I am not a full time writer although I wish I were.  I have a full time job outside of my home and am a volunteer leader with my church’s youth group.   So it is a challenge to find the time to write.  It helps when I have a challenge like the #everydayinspiration because then I take the time to write each day but even that is tough.  I am working on Day 9 now when it should be 13.

If I could step into a machine that would give me extra time to write I would go for a run first thing in the morning.  Running alone with my thoughts is when I discover most of my inspiration for writing. Then I would return home and write for a couple of hours.  With a schedule like that I could finish the book I started writing a couple of years ago and could keep up with my blog writing about my life and faith and what I have learned to share with others.

Having a schedule like that before I go to my day job would be wonderful.  That is a dream though.  Someday I may be able to write full time but for now it is what it is.