The Beach…One of my favorite places

surf RI

One of my favorite sounds…Ocean waves crashing on the shore.  It can lull me to sleep.
One of my favorite smells… The salty air.  It brings me back to my childhood growing up at
the beach
One of my favorite feels…Digging my feet into the warm sand.  A comforting feel.

Sitting on this beach in my beach chair with my feet buried in the sand, sunglasses and hat on I watch.  Children squealing as they run from waves.  A Dad and his kids creating a sand sculpture.  A young man trying to navigate a kayak through the waves only to be pushed back to shore to empty the kayak of water.  He did it over and over again until finally giving up.  Kids riding the waves on Boogie Boards, others skimming across the receding waves on a skimmer.  An impromptu volleyball game without a net creating gales of laughter from the participants.

Watching the various sizes and shapes of people walking the beach some hand in hand, others splashing their friends.  Seagulls circling overhead as a child eats his sandwich, other bolder gulls walking on the sand close by.  Which one will score the sandwich.

The whistle of the lifeguard to warn a swimmer who went beyond the orange buoy.  Conversation all around me muffled by the wind.

But my observation soon turns inward as I tune out what is around me and remember past beach trips.  This same beach used to have huge dunes to travel over from the parking lot with black sand on the beach just below them.  We would have to run fast over the black hot sand to get to the tan sand.  After swimming if we were cold we would roll in the black sand to get warm.   Now the smaller dunes have signs saying don’t walk on the dune grass as they are rebuilding the dunes.  The black sand is mostly gone just a little remnant left .  On the other side of the dunes and the parking lot is a salt pond that used to have swans in it.  As kids we would save the crusts from our sandwiches and feed the swans.    I remember endless days at this beach with my family and cousins having fun and building memories.

Now back to my current observation…
My favorite time of day at the beach…late afternoon.  The lifeguards are gone, people are packing up and leaving, the sun is warm in contrast to blazing hot earlier.  I just sit back and listen to the crashing surf, smell the salty air tinged with sunscreen and dig my feet in the sand.



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