I have a love-hate relationship with coffee.  Let me explain…

The hate part began in college many moons ago.  I was always a procrastinator when it came to studying for tests or writing papers.  I would stay up all night with a pot of coffee,  drink all of it and then by morning my stomach was sour.  Lesson learned after doing that so many times was that coffee was destructive to my stomach and staying up all night to study was not the greatest idea.  So after graduation I found tea more soothing  and gave up the coffee and am a little better at planning.

Most recently I have discovered some really cozy coffee shops and love the atmosphere.  I have found that there is a comradery among coffee drinkers as there is among runners or any other social group.  In those coffee shops I have discovered some really  great coffee.  I enjoy meeting friends for coffee occasionally because of the cute coffee shop with great coffee.  I do drink decaf (other wise I don’t sleep) and I put sugar and soy or almond milk in it.   Now my  husband would tell you I am not a real coffee drinker because of that. He says real coffee drinkers drink it black.  Makes sense since that means they actually like the taste of coffee.  I don’t care that I am not a “real coffee drinker”.  I am a “real tea drinker” who happens to like the taste of coffee without caffeine and with sugar and milk.

I have always liked coffee ice cream which goes along the same taste lines as hot coffee with sugar and milk.  But my new coffee love discovered this summer is iced decaf coffee with a little sugar and soy or almond milk.  Kind of like liquid coffee ice cream.  I discovered this iced coffee at at little coffee shop when I was at the beach this past weekend.  I am so hoping that I can find iced coffee that good in my town.

So I love coffee…I hate coffee…just depends on the atmosphere and preparation.



5 thoughts on “Coffee…#everydayinspiration

  1. That’s funny..I guess I would categorize myself as not a real coffee drinker too -_- My hate relationship with coffee is it’s such a teeth stain-er….but it’s soooo good when it’s fixed just right!

  2. Don’t you just love when you find the perfect coffee? I discovered gingerbread lattes from Costa last year and it’s literally the only coffee I buy from there. But I love finding cute and unknown coffee shops around the place when I go exploring or travelling because chances are that the coffee will be much better than it is in a coffee chain shop.

  3. I like the idea of being a coffee drinker more than the actual taste. I add syrup to my latte, so I guess like you I’m not a “real coffee drinker”, though my appreciation has increased over the years, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drink it black. Thanks for sharing.

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