A Taste of God’s Creation


sb10067980c-001I love running in the early morning.  The world is so fresh and quiet and I can see God all around me in His creation.  The sun is just beginning it’s ascent to warm the earth and mist is hanging low over the mountains soon to be burned off by the sun.  I breathe in the fresh air and marvel at how God brought this all into being.  He created trees to give off the oxygen needed for living beings to breathe.  We in turn breathe out carbon dioxide needed by trees to live.  How cool is that!  That gets me thinking about how everything God created has a purpose.  Nothing is by chance.  It is all by His design and plan. ( Genesis 1-2)

I have to say I find it hard to say that mosquitos have a purpose, other than biting me (I am scratching a bite right now that I got while out running) and causing disease, but they do.  They serve in an important place on the lower rungs of the food chain.  In their larvae stage they are aquatic and strain unicellular algae from the water and convert them to their own body which then are eaten by fish and other aquatic animals. Ok I get that part but the adult skeeters; they bite! Yes but they are also food for bats, birds and spiders. (and we are food for mosquitos). Without them our ecosystem would be adversely affected.  And so it goes for everything up the food chain.  All part of His design and plan.

deer & fawn

This morning I was out running early with my running group.  I spotted 2 adult deer with 2 fawns standing stock still in a yard.  At first they looked like statues but then as we got closer they bolted across the road, through another yard and behind a house.  We continued our run on the road taking a right turn then a left when suddenly the same deer bolted out from the woods on our left directly in front of us.  They looked at us as if to say, “I thought we lost them”, then they ran across the road into the woods on the right.

Like I said at the beginning I love the morning runs in God’s creation.

This post is a compilation of 2 drafts that haven’t been previously published.  For #everydayinspiration Day 13 I chose to put these two drafts together as one post as they are a similar topic.




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