Finding Time to Write…a collaboration

I was contacted by Michelleintel about collaborating on a post.  We both struggle with finding time to write and decided to respond to a prompt from the Daily Post.  The prompt was to answer the following question: If you could step into a machine that gave you more time, how would you structure your day?

time machine

What I pictured from this prompt was having this special time machine in my home that I could step into when I need more time.  It would be the same world but extra hours would be added to the day.  Our thoughts were very similar but our answers were delivered differently.

Enjoy the response from Michelleintel;

I would sleep until I awakened, naturally.  (8 hours)

Arise, and hang out in my bed clothes while sipping coffee and catching up on the day’s news, or reading. (1 hour)

Spiritual time or church (1 hour)

Walk the dog. (30 minutes)

Go to the gym. (1 hour)

Sit on the patio to cool off with a refreshing drink, have breakfast, while petting the cat

(1 hour ) 

Shower and into comfy lounging clothes.  (30 minutes)

Write (2 hours)

Household task of the day: wash clothes, pick up, sweep, clean after pets, etc.  (1 hour)

Watch a movie while having lunch.  (2 hours)  

Household Tasks.  (30 minutes)

Get ready for work. (30 minutes)

Work  (4 hours)

2nd lunch (1 hour)

Work (4 hours)

Charitable work/volunteer  2 hours

Dinner 1 hour

Pick up, clean dishes (30 minutes)

Walk the dog (30 minutes)

Rehearse music (2 hours)

Shower and into comfy clothes (30 minutes)

Popcorn/snack and a movie, or a book.  (2 hours)

Prepare for the next day  ( 30 min)

I tend to overthink things so I have learned to just go with what is in my heart.  Here is my response:

If I could step into a machine that would give me extra time to write I would go for a run first thing in the morning.  Running alone with my thoughts is when I discover most of my inspiration for writing. Then I would return home and write for a couple of hours on the book I started writing a couple of years ago. The extra morning time would be before my job starts so that when my 2 hours of writing were done it would be time to go to work at my job.   Then after work there would be another block of time so that I could keep up with my blog writing about my life and faith and what I have learned to share with others. To the outside world I would be a prolific writer in addition to working a full time job and managing my volunteer activities and family.  In reality it would be this amazing machine giving me extra time.

What I learned from this collaboration is that both of our writing styles are good but combined they would be great!  I could add more detail while writing from the heart   I work best with a deadline so if I schedule an hour a couple of days a week into my calendar to write then I would perhaps be a more regular blogger and maybe even finish the book I started writing.  Stay tuned to find out.


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