Day 20 Everyday Inspiration Wrap up

I really enjoyed Everyday Inspiration.  I had been in a dry spell with my writing and it got me going again.  There were so many options available each day and I started off with a post a day.  My creative juices were flowing again and it was fun.    I love the interaction with the other bloggers and love reading what others wrote on the same subject as I did.

But what I didn’t like was that I had some busy days and went away for the weekend of July 4th and missed 8 of the topics.  I purposely skipped 2 of them because I just couldn’t get inspired by either.  Maybe if I had more time I could have come up with something but with one coming each day I had more to do so never went back to them.

My favorite part of Everyday Inspiration was collaborating with Michelleintel on day 19.  I am so glad that she reached out to me.  It was fun and I would highly recommend this to others.

I look forward to other opportunities like this.  For Everyday Inspiration or Blogging U courses.    With each one I learn more about myself as a writer and learn more about blogging in general.  I always need help making my blog look good so look forward to more helps with that.  Thank you WordPress!


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