Birds Eye view of My Weekend Runs

It is 6:30 am and I am starting out my run to begin my day. Such a peaceful time of day as I head into town down the just awakening streets. There is very little traffic so I can easily cross streets to head out to a quieter area.  The sound of traffic begins to dim and I am left with my thoughts punctuated periodically by the sound of a cawing crow and the twittering of little birds in the trees.  I hear the wind in my ears and see the sun peeking through the tree tops.  The air feels cool on my skin as my body begins to heat up.  I hear the patter of my feet hitting the pavement and the sound of my breath as I increase my speed.

As I continue in this rhythm I pray and I think and I create (always with the hope that my creations will come out on paper the way they did in my head)

Soon I am back home cooling down, stretching, hydrating and refueling. I feel great and prepared to begin my work day.

The next day it is 7:00 am and sunny with low humidity.  There has been so much rain lately I am loving this second day in a row to get out to run.  I marvel at God’s creation and the ability He has given me to run and enjoy it.  Ahead of me I see a mother duck and her ducklings crossing the street from a pond to a stream on the other side.  They stop when they see me so I stop to watch and allow them to cross safely to the other side.  A little further up I see 2 fawns grazing in a yard.  They look up at me and stand perfectly still warily watching as their mother watches from the other side of a bush.

Thank you God for this opportunity to experience your creations this morning.

Another Saturday and I am out at 6:30 am enjoying the cool of the day before it heats up. I can feel the stress of the week leave my body as I increase my pace.  I thank God  again that I have the health and ability to run.  It dispels depression and stress and I feel one with Him.  Today He allows me to see the same doe I saw last time but this time nursing her fawn.   Then turning a corner I  saw this beautiful vista and had to stop to take a picture with my phone and just breathe in the fresh morning air and praise God.

Morning run view

When morning gilds the skies, my heart awakening cries: May Jesus Christ be praised!